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During an interview Soulja Boy let the female fans from Columbus speak for him and they responded by saying ‘F*** Kat Stacks’ and some other harsh words about the model/internet sensation.

Well Kat Stacks made her way through Columbus this weekend and she had a response to the infamous pic and interview that Soulja Boy did. Not only did she get revenge on Soulja Boy for the pic, she also wrecked shop at the nightclub she was hosting at. Word is Kat got drunk and got into a fight with some girl in the club. Check out her Twitter page from the day after the event.

On top of that, the girl that was in the infamous “F*** Kat Stacks” Picture was at the club and ended up giving Kat a lapdance. Some say she was so drunk that she got sick at the club too. Looks like Kat may have had the wildest week ever. But we got the interview with Kat before she went in. Watch the video and see all of the pictures from the event.

In this interview Kat Stacks pretty much goes in on Soulja Boy once again and mentions his “Cokehead Swag”.

Here’s Kat Stacks in the VIP with the girl who took the picture with Soulja Boy. And pay attention to what song there listening too (hilarious)