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If you browse the web much, or watch television for any period of time during the day, chances are you have seen commercials for dating websites.

Usually the ads feature couples that look like they were picked out of a group of models, talking about their great experience meeting each other through a dating service.

But what about people who don’t look like models? Might be a little overweight or don’t have a job working for a Fortune 500 company? Joe DeLuca of Toronto, Canada thinks he may have the answer for you.

Joe has created a dating website in the U.S. and Canada called

“Our goal is, we want our members to be looking for genuine personality rather than outward appearance,” Joe says. “And in return they don’t want to be judged by how they look, they want to be judged for their personality.”

The website has been live for a month now, and has 2000 members so far.

Member Keeli Wheeler, a widowed mother of two boys from Houston, says she joined because she’s looking inward at the people she would like to date.

“I find beauty is within the soul and besides that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I leave that to each person to decide. [Traditional websites] not only focus on beauty, but material possessions, your income… things like that are irrelevant to me. I really want things that cannot be stripped away,” Keeli told Don Lemon of CNN.

Well are you convinced? Will you lonely guys and gals hop on this site in pursuit of more than just T&A???

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