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Although we don’t play what is nationally known as “Backpacker Rap” I want to take time to mention and to some people educate them on the Emcee Eyedea. Most popularly known for his Blaze Battle appearance and victory in 2000, Eyedea was a member of Rhymesayers Entertainment and one of the most prominent Rap figures in St Paul Minnesota. He has collaborated and toured with Slug from Atmosphere as well as appeared on some of the Rock The Bells Dates in 2009 with Evidence of Dialated Peoples and M.O.P.

Eyedea was one of very few white emcees that had been holding it down, doing shows moving units and making money long before the World accepted Marshall Mathers on a nationwide stage. He was a definite student to the game and a very well skilled lyricist. Cause of death is still unknown but his legacy will continue through his friends, family and label mates. Michael “Eyedea” Larsen was only 28 years old.

Check out some of Eyedea’s shinning moments. Content Contains Explicit Lyrics

Eyedea – Shadows Have Shadows

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