Suspicious Packages Set Off International Security Alert

Two suspicious packages bound for the U.S. have set off an international security alert. 

President Obama called it a “credible terrorist threat” and said the packages contained explosive elements.  The packages came from Yemen, which is known to have active al-Qaeda operations.  The threat also prompted investigations of some planes at airports in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  In a statement at the White House, Obama praised U.S. counterterrorism efforts and said the case underscores the need to remain vigilant against terrorism.  The Department of Homeland Security boosted air security and warned passengers to expect an “unpredictable mix of security layers.”  Meantime, a flight from the United Arab Emirates, escorted by U.S. fighter jets, landed safely at New York’s JFK Airport.  A suspicious package aboard the airliner is thought to have prompted the security measure.

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