(AllHipHop News) Pioneering Hip-Hop group Eric B. and Rakim reunited for the first time in years on November 16th, during the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Induction Gala at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York.

The pair stepped on the stage together to receive their award from music business executive and long-time friend, Bert Padell.

Rakim, originally from Wyandanch, and Eric B., from Queens, seemed emotionally moved by the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Award.

“I want to thank the committee for understanding what we do and giving us this prestigious award. We definitely appreciate it,” Rakim said.

“You know what Rak, we never got a BET award, a Soul Train Award, a Grammy, but guess what. We got a Long Island Music Award!” Eric B. said. Afterwards, the two of them surprised their fans when the two embraced for a hug.

“This was the moment that all hip-hop fans and Gala attendees were waiting to see. Eric B. and Rakim are living legends who produced so many classic songs,” LIMHOF Vice Chairman Tom Needham said. “We have all been waiting for this to happen. For rap fans, it is almost as if John Lennon and Paul McCartney had reunited after they broke up the Beatles.”

While Eric B. and Rakim didn’t perform together, Rakim did a solo set of his hits, including classics like “Eric B. is President” and “Juice (Know the Ledge).”

Other performs at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Induction Gala included Eddie Money, Joan Jett, Lou Reed, Eddie Palmieri, Roy Haynes, DJ Johnny Juice, Laurie Anderson and others.

For more information about the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, log on to limusichalloffame.org.

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