Inspire U: The Podcast

One thing Don Mega hadn’t done was sit down for an interview with the king of smut magazines, Hustler until recently.

Cube talked about hip hop’s continued growth, Oprah Winfrey’s disdain for him and why white kids love rap.

H: Why do you think white suburban kids love hip-hop?

Cube: It’s the voice of the youth, and I think that’s the draw. It’s the voice for a kid who might not be able to sing or might not be able to play an instrument. Hip-hop gives them a chance to be a part of music. Rap gives them a chance to express themselves. That is the ingredient that brings all these different cultures together

H: What’s your beef with Oprah, and what’s that about?

Cube: I ain’t got no beef with Oprah! She got the beef with me. She never told me [why]. Maybe she’ll tell you. You need to get at her. It’s just like she ain’t f*cking with me.That’s cool. I ain’t f*cking with her neither.That’s her problem, and the world may never know.

H: Are you impressed by any new MCs?

Cube: I like what Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco are doing and where they are taking hip-hop. Those are good styles that are making hip-hop grow. It’s not dying as people say just because the mainstream is not paying attention anymore. It’s just back to where it came from—underground. In the ’90s, mainstream took hip-hop and tried to play it out. Rap is something that can’t die because it’s the voice of the youth. There is always something to be said by somebody somewhere, and there’s so many ways to say it now.

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