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Jay-Z’s “D.O.A.” isn’t his final word on autotune. The rapper still has a few things to say about the technology, which he shared Monday while promoting “DJ Hero” at New York’s Plaza Hotel. He tells New York Magazine he thinks autotune is bad for hip-hop, calling it “dangerous.” Jay-Z equates it to the fashion trends in rock music 25 years ago, explaining, quote, “Don’t y’all know this is dangerous? And this is how rock and roll got pushed from the forefront? We did this to rock and roll. Everyone was doing the hair-band thing on MTV with the tight pants…It just became about more of a look and a sound than the emotion of the music. And that’s what hip-hop’s becoming.

Jigga says hip-hop is losing the emotion because it can’t come alive in a song that has a “robotic voice.” He adds that this is why he wanted to get people talking with his song, “D.O.A.” Jay-Z will help kick off the World Series, performing “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia Keys before the start of Game One.

(Source: MetroNews)

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