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[Popular Rapper] rapper gave me the H.I.V Virus. Females I’m not going to stay in the dark and let him get away with it any more [Popular Rapper] gave me the H.I.V Virus I met him in September in 2006 at I.D labs where my cousin was recording and he was down there recording with a group of friends and he asked me for my number and I gave him my number two weeks later I let him take me out to Applebee’s then he took me back to his mother’s house no one was home.

He played couple of songs for me and smoked a blunt and gave a glass of Hypnotiq and Henny one thing led to another and we had Unprotected Sex. We went on seeing each other for two more months until one day I got real sick I start feeling real faint and ill I went to the hospital and and the E.R said it was the flu. But this flu lasted damn near a month so I went to my doctor and he gave me all kinds of test including an AIDS test I tried and calling [Popular Rapper] for two weeks so I can tell him that I took an AIDS test but he did not answer my calls I even left him messages and text still no answer so a month went pass I was so scared to go and get my results so my mother went with me and that’s when the doctor told me that I had the H.I.V Virus.

I went over to [Popular Rapper] house to tell him but he just slammed the door in my face I called him crying and he told me that “I been had the H.I.V Virus and that I didn’t get it from him” but I’m sure I didn’t know I did. Females Please Don’t let his money or fame fool you PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

Right now I am in talks with a lawyer to have him make [Popular Rapper] get an AIDS TEST to stop him from sleeping around . Please I beg take my heed I have this disease for life DON’T BE NEXT!!!!

Now mind you, this was posted WAAAAY before dude got hot. So it seems a little crazy that some girl would MAKE THIS UP about an UNKNOWN rapper . . ..