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Mike Epps was originally one of the candidates slated to play the role of the comedic genius Richard Pryor in his biopic but he has recently stated that the role has been off and on and dangled in front of him so he is focused on “doing a good Michael Epps right now.”

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are producing the film that was originally supposed to star Eddie Murphy as Richard.  Pryor himself reportedly wanted Mike Epps but Mrs. Richard Pryor made this statement last year contradicting that claim:

The part was finally given to Marlon Wayans according to the film’s producers. According to Chris Rock, “Wayans did a screen test and it was just unbelievable, it’s not just doing the comedy of Richard Pryor. He captures the vulnerability of Richard Pryor.”

Speaking with Atlanta radio station, Epps voiced,

“I think Richard Pryor was the type of dude who had a difficult life.  I think doing a movie like that for him…Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye, a lot of artist we would like to see movies of but the people who have control  over (their estates) make the decisions of it.

“I asked my lil kids the other day do they know who Richard Pryor is.  They like 10 and 11 and they said no.   But they lil friends know who I am so time sometimes heals everything and I got much respect for Richard Pryor.  I love him to death but I didn’t get into the business to play him.  So I can’t let them keep dangling different stuff in front of me.  I’m doing a good Michael Epps right now.”

Epps is currently involved in a million dollar lawsuit for assaulting videographer, Douglas Thornton on November 28th, 2010 at a Detroit club.

Thornton’s attorney, Arnold Reed, told WXYZ that the fight ended with one of Epps’ bodyguards allegedly firing a shot at Thornton.

Who knew comedians were this gangsta…


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