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Back in 2009 Kanye West had a P Diddy moment and decided to change his name. “Due to what has happened – what has happened so severely when the red shoes hit the runway, I was forced to change my name to Martin Louis the King Jr. Address me as such,” he wrote on his blog. In case anyone thought that he was joking, on Rick Ross’s “Live Fast, Die Young” Kanye West rhymed “Dr. Martin Louis the King, Junior/And I’mma never let the dream turn to Kruegers” and calls himself  MLK again on “Maybach Music 2.” While we have some issue with the comparison it’s sad to say that  Mr. West may be the closest thing the current rap class has to a revolutionary, but we wanted to put his assertion to the test.

So we created this completely unscientific chart where Mr. West goes toe-to-toe with Dr. King once and for all in key categories like Goals, Honors, Influences, Standing Up For Black Americans, Women, and Dream vs Fantasy.

Let the battle of the revolutionaries begin!

What?? No Way!! Do You Want Dr. King to beat Kanye West? Go to his Twitter Page and follow him NOW!


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