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Her music and beauty has gotten huge buzz in the music industry, R&B singer Keri Hilson is on the top of the world right now. The recent release of her sophomore album ‘No Boys Allowed’ and her chart-topping, girl power anthem ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ have made Hilson a megastar.

Being a widely recognizable celeb does have its disadvantages though. For some reason Hilson has yet to find Mr. Right. But now we have the inside scoop as the songstress tells what she’s looking for.

When asked was she seeing anyone, the singer responds, “I’m definitely dating. I’m a woman! So it wouldn’t be uncommon seeing me eating dinner or catching a movie with someone. I love romance and love.”

The first thing Hilson says she looks for in a guy is that he has his priorities in check! She goes on to say, “He has to put his family first and respects and loves his mother. A guy who is taller than me preferably and one who would go to church or at least pray and have some sort of deeper self.”

As far as impressing the siren, less is more. She says, “I like dinner, and it doesn’t have to be a formal expensive place – you can take me to Waffle House! I just like to be anywhere we can talk. It’s more about connecting.”

The ultimate no-no in Hilson book is a cheater. “The ultimate, breaking point deal breaker for me is if we’re in a committed relationship and you not only cheat on me, but you had unprotected sex and had a baby out of this relationship on the side. This has actually happened to more than two people I know,” she says.

From this, Hilson was inspired to write the track ‘Breaking Point’ from her album to address the issue of women tolerating more than they should from men.

The diva’s list doesn’t seem to difficult: no cheaters allowed, priorities in check, love God and your mother, and Waffle House! Think you could be this pretty girl’s type?

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