Due to the unsafe travel conditions last night, my employer put me up in a hotel downtown so that I could make it to work safely today.  The hotel was very nice.  I have attended several events there but never stayed overnite.  It was also packed with people due to flight cancellations.  There were no seats at the restaurant so I took my meal back to the room and had dinner in bed.  We had a memo that stated not to get carried away with room service so I didn’t.  I just order something called Filet Minot.  It didn’t have a price next to it so I figured it had to be cheap! LOL!  Just kidding.  I ate an appetizer and a glass of apple juice.

 Had I known ahead of time that there was a pool I surely would have brought my swimsuit and taken a dip!  Now that I have short hair I don’t have the maintinence worries anymore about! lol!

The majority of my stay was spent in the bed doing homework and twitter.  My lil bro B Swift stopped through and we listened to some of the worst new music I have ever heard. But we laughed and had a good time.  He asked if I was going to participate in some adult refreshments with him, Rio and Wrekk but I had to pass. I has way too sleepy plus they didn’t have to wake up as early as I did.  I was slightly dissappointed that the hotel didn’t have BET so I could not watch The Game last night.  By the comments on Twitter I take it that I didn’t miss anything.

I love hotel beds.  The plush pillows, soft mattress, and 9000 thread count sheets are a delight.  I slept like a baby last night.  I just want to thank Radio One for being concerned for our safety and providing us with a comfortable place to stay. I woke up refreshed and ready for a great day!

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