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Let me first give this disclaimer…I have come across some very nice police officers in the city.  When I was almost car jacked this past December the officers that helped me were very nice.  Officer Kendell who helps alot with station events is very nice.  However, I will have to say that 90% of the police officers that I have come across have been pricks.  I have lived in New York City where most people would expect officers to be jerks but they are no where near the officers here in Indy. 

Yesterday there was an accident infront of my housing complex.  The accident was on the right side of the median therefore oncoming traffic was still able to exit the complex.  There were about 4 or 5 officers at the scene and one officer was just standing alone looking around.  I pulled up to him and asked could I enter on the other side of the median to get to my house since there was no oncoming traffic.  He yelled “KEEP MOVING!!” Now there were no other cars around so I wasn’t blocking traffic or anything.  I asked the officer “If I can’t enter this way can you recommend an alternate route to get into the complex? (I honestly have never entered any other way except the main entrance so I had no clue)  He yelled again “I WILL GIVE YOU A CITATION IF YOU DON’T KEEP MOVING!”  I pulled off to the side of the road and put my hazard lights on.  He walks over to the car and asks “WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?”  I told him the first problem is that you are yelling at me and I am not yelling.  I just asked a simple question.  He then said “Why can’t you just drive around for 10 minutes?” Uhm? Wha?  I asked for his badge number and name.  I told him that I was very unplease with his attitude and it was uncalled for.

Sadly, this is not the first time that this has happened.  As I explained on the radio today, the Broadripple police have to be the rudest of all.  I’m not sure if the police academy now has a special course ” How to be an A-hole” but it is evident that there is a consistency across the board with the police department.

My father is a retired police officer so I consider myself to be more respectful to the police than the average person.  I speak with a calm voice and a smile.  I don’t roll my eyes, pop my neck or twist my face up EVEN when I feel disrespected.  I can now see how people end up in jail for no reason.  It has nothing to do with the situation as it does with the police’s approach.  If you (the police) come across disrespectful then you cause the other person to get defensive. This is how altercations happen!

I am disgusted.  I see why there is such a huge disconnect between the police and the community.  If the police treats me like crap why am I going to call them to tell them about the crime in my neighborhood?  If the police are here to serve and protect why do I feel threatened just by having a simple conversation.

When my father first retired from the force he went to different cities to train the police on how to better communicate with the community and vice versa.  Why is this needed? Because it is evident that there is a HUGE gap and lack of respect.  Indianapolis police need this training…immediately!