Inspire U: The Podcast

It all started with a group of guys from my church getting together almost every Saturday to play football just for the love of the game. It later grew to 16 guys who just wanted to come together and play football for fun. We did this for four years and over those years it began to grow bigger and bigger. One day one of the players suggested that we start our own semi-pro football team. We began do research on how to get started and what we needed to do for this to become a reality. God gave me a vision on what to do and how to go about making it happen. I had previous experiences from running basketball leagues, so I took some of that experience and applied it to football.

Our first year did not go so well, but I refused to give up on my vision. After taking some time to consider where we went wrong I decided to start all over again, almost from scratch.

Although, we’ve had some struggles along the way God saw fit to give us another chance. In the words of my Pastor, Apostle Sylvia Toney, to the mayor of Indianapolis; just give them a year. So here we go again with a new determination, more wisdom and eagerness that as long as we put God first we can’t go wrong.

We now are on the right track being in the GDFL (Grid Iron Developmental Football League), which is owned by Charles Thompson and is based in Nashville, TN. My wife Crystal Murray is the co-owner and we have three coaches, Gardner Johnson-Head Coach, Charles Crim- Asst. Head Coach and Defensive Coach and Craig Vest-Offensive Coach. We have a 25 man staff and a full roster; we are ready for the

season that starts June 4, 2011.

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