So this lady by the name of Helen Staudinger is off the chain! Tell me why she SHOOTING at her neighbor on the block…BECAUSE HE WONT KISS HER!!! I have really heard it all now and after you hear the rest of this story you may be cautious of how many “elderly women” you help in everyday life. Here are the facts

The 92-year old Staudinger is accused of firing 4 shots at her neighbor, 53-year old Dwight Bettner after he brushed off her love advances.

“She appeared to have the impression that there was a relationship between them,” police said in an arrest report.

When Bettner told her to “get her ass out of his house” Staudinger said she wouldn’t leave without getting a kiss first.

After failing to get her kiss the old lady went home to get her gun.

“The defendant said she came home, got her gun, and went back to shoot his car that he loved so much,” the police report said.

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Four bullets hit Bettner’s house, one whizzed right by him while he was on the phone, but luckily none hit him.

Staudinger is in the Marion County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

Man…lady straight down for her thug love…all I can say…

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