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There is entirely too much negative press in general about Chris Brown and in general it’s getting annoying. So lets break down some facts.

1. Chris Brown doesn’t care if you are mad – I think people get it confused that Chris and other celebrities care what you think. They dont care about you…They care about the aspect of there product or service being sold because they got bills to pay. I know you don’t want to hear it but thats just how it is.

2. Some of you are still mad because of that infamous Grammy Night and carrying it over. Once again….Hit PEOPLE is wrong ok..Man or Woman…DONT PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANYONE! However I find it funny that NO ONE seems to repeat all of the “Forget about It” comments that Rihanna makes OVER THE SAME NIGHT…I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again…You care more about Rihanna getting her butt whooped than she does…

3. TMZ’s personal vendetta with Chris Brown is just as corny as all of your “holier than thou’s” vendettas. They make a living off of Celebrity embarrassment and mistakes…So if you are being real…Without Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Bruno Mars and Lindsay Lohan…They would all be working at Target! Tell me Im lying…

4. Chris Browns Album is out, Good Morning America interviews and Pictures go viral, GMA wants him back, TMZ Hates him, F.A.M.E is projected to do 1 million first week. Look At Me now is on Urban and Top 40 stations…So I ask you…Who is really losing right now? You don’t think the negative press is working…In the words of the greatest comedian of MY TIME Chris Rock “What you want to look innocent in Jail??? I’d rather look guilty at the mall!”..You can call him woman beater, childish, punk, or whatever isn’t FCC regulated, but you know what? at the end of day…If you do something to him…You’re then going to be the stalker with the aggression problem that had no sensible motive when you did what you did…see how that works???

5. I standby Chris Brown, Like I did Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Charlie Sheen, and any other trouble star in “Holly-weird” today…You know why? Because there job is to entertain me. We live in the Reality Era where everyday we see heinous acts being displayed. Snooki is the closest thing to live FREE Prostitution that you are going to get right now, yet you worried about what Miley Cyrus got on and What window Chris Brown Broke..Snooki is on Rolling Stone and Going to Wrestlemania! I WANT TO GO TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!! I JUST WANT A SEAT!

In close…GET OVER IT! Who are you? You know in your lifetime you’ve done some real foul things. Some of you have beaten your wives, had children by miscellaneous women, molested a niece or nephew, screwed dozens of actors athletes and entertainers, had a drunken orgy at some college frat house and banged down 7 gram rocks! Some of you have done all this before 25! Chris Brown is under 25 and can buy your life…So please…Get a more constructive use for your life.

You Hate Chris Brown Because…Market Research

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