Aren’t you tired of all the chainletters that you receive on your email?  Or are you the one sending them? If so, shame on you!  I just realized yesterday that my email has been overloaded by these chainletters.  I am on the air for 4 hours.  In that small amount of time I probably receive 6 chainletters.  That might not seem that bad to you but most of the chainletters are sent to 6 or more people and they all seem to hit REPLY ALL! So this means that 6 emails turn into 90 emails!  Then to make matters worst…people now send CHAIN-TEXTS!!!! Noooooooooo! This has to be the MOST disrespectful means of sending a chainletter! I get them at 10AM, 3PM, 9PM, 2AM. 4AM!!!! STOP IT ALREADY!  And do you feel compelled to pass them along? I don’t…I don’t believe a woman is gonna jump out of my closet if I don’t pass this email along and I am sorry but I don’t believe that God is going to grant me 3 wishes just because I am passing the email along to 10 friends!  I am officially clicking “spam” on any chainletter that I get…too bad I don’t have a spam button on my cell phone!

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