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A condom that helps men maintain erections is being developed by a British biotech company and if regulators approve it in Europe, the sexual device could pop up in the United States.

A gel inside the prophylactic increases blood flow to the male member. Participants in clinical trials said the rubber gave them firmer, bigger erections, according to Futura Medical, the company making the condom.

Leading condom-maker Durex is calling the invention the CSD500, though the the press has dubbed it the “Viagra condom.”

The prophylactic’s erection-enhancing powers inevitably led to comparisons with Viagra, the prescription medication made by Pfizer. But the two products are different.

Viagra gives a lift to men with erectile dysfunction who have trouble getting aroused, while the gel inside the CSD500 is designed to sustain men who report losing their enthusiasm after putting a condom on, Time reported.

European regulators are examining Futura’s claims that this condom encourages safe sex and fights the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The gel doing the hard work inside the condom was inspired by the generic compound that treats angina by increasing blood flow to the heart.

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