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Texas rap group the GS Boyz is no more. 

According to, Slizz, Marc D, and DK have decided to leave the group.  The remaining members – Prince and Soufside – say they were the only ones who maintained the proper work ethic.  Soufside remarks, quote, “It was because the other three, they didn’t want to grind any more.” 

Prince adds, quote, “I just decided we just got to do what we got to do.  Either you gonna rock with us or you’re not.” 


While it is unclear whether Prince and Soufside will continue to use the name GS Boyz, they do know that they will continue to make music.  Prince states, quote, “So the Lord’s giving us a chance to do something again and now we got something for the listeners.”  Prince and Soufside are currently working on new material, and recently shot a video for a track called “Any Way.”

The GS Boyz are best known for their popular club hit “Stanky Leg.”  They were nominated for Best Group at the 2009 BET Awards.

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