Two of the men behind Eminem’s upcoming “Relapse Two” album are discussing their work on the record.  In a recent interview with, Just Blaze and Mr. Porter say the album has been a welcome challenge.  “Relapse Two” is the first time that “Em” and Just Blaze have worked together, and the producer says there have definitely been some geographic obstacles.  Just Blaze states, quote, “Sometimes I’m like I need this (song) back in New York and he’s like I need it back in Detroit.  It’s interesting because we are both protective of the work and not wanting it to leak out.”  Despite being separated by hundreds of miles, Just Blaze says he works well with the Detroit rap star because they both appreciate each other’s work.  He adds, quote, “When it goes beyond a business arrangement, it always works out.”

Having worked with Eminem since his early days in the rap game, Mr. Porter is quite a bit more familiar with “Slim Shady’s” recording process.  Mr. Porter says being white may have helped spark Eminem’s career, but he says it’s the emcee’s dedication to writing that keeps him on top of the charts.  He remarks, quote, “all day everyday the kid is writing.”  Mr. Porter doesn’t want to give away too much, but says one of the tracks on “Relapse Two” will be, quote, “told as if we were back in the day.”

Eminem’s “Relapse Two” is eyeing a November release, but a definite debut date has yet to be announced.  The first “Relapse” arrived in May.  Since making its debut, the record has sold more than one-point-five million copies.

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