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1. I wonder how Nelly feels to have went backwards. He went from performing and/or receiving awards at the show to performing with someone else during the pre-show. Major fail. I guess it’s safe to say, you are a has been. Although, his arms looked lovely

2. Alexander O’Neal, where the hell are your teeth? I was already laughing at him stepping around looking like a cross between Don DC Curry & John Witherspoon, but when he opened that mouth?! I lost it!

3. Rick Ross please stop exposing us to those “tig-ol-bitties” of yours. They move too much, and it disturbs me. I can’t take much more of that. I admire your confidence, as does the rest of the world I’m sure, but spare us please. Although, he does look rather happy in this pic, huh?

4. Don’t you wish Patti LaBelle was your grandmother, mother, aunt, or sister? I think everyone feels that way about her. She’s the cool relative we all wish we had. Instead, we’re stuck with misfits and those who try too hard to keep up with the times, but are failing miserably.

5. Who comes up with the corny lines on the teleprompter? Smack yourself immediately, and don’t stop until I tell you to. Thanks!

6. Tiffany Green. Poor baby. What about Drake for actually accepting the award that wasn’t really his? Poor baby. BET, get it together. I will admit though, that face of hers is going down in the history books as one of the funniest expressions I’ve ever seen. Ha!

This is what I do when I think of all of the strange, yet interesting sights at the BET Awards ’11:

My people, my people! We’ve got to do better! LoL

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