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Now more than ever it seems that people will try anything to push their musical product. The top ways now are

Twitter Beef

World Star Videos

Reality Shows

Controversial Titles


Now using technology is important and I do understand that giving your audience “you” is the thing to do…but I think people have a clouded vision of themselves.

There is literally like 10 RAPPERS that are actually selling records…and even some of their sales are weak in comparison to their sales 5 years ago.

Eminem is the first artist to have 1 million downloaded albums…and he was non existent as far as new material goes for about 4 years! In 2011 this is a great feat so that shows you how much mixtapes truly mean in the music world overall.

Lil B drops “I’m Gay” album in a genre that is viewed as the most homophobic form of music on the Planet…and moves 1,700 COPIES! But relax…cause Adam Lambert hasn’t sold 5 or 10 million either. His attempt to be controversial failed drastically and why…cause nobody wants to be in a checkout line holding ANYTHING that says “I’m Gay” on it. Now he says he wants to prove words don’t mean anything…to that I say “Kill Yourself”. This wasn’t a smart decision because…

1. Heterosexual patrons don’t want to buy “Gay Music”

2. Homosexual patron wont but this is you truly aren’t gay!

Eminem cant drop and Album Call “Black Man’s Struggle” and expect it to why did Lil B think this would work???

Here’s a thought…why don’t some of you actually learn how to rap. To sound totally stereotypical “The Good Rappers are selling”. Kanye West doesn’t complain about soundscan and he is NOTORIOUS for having a complaint. Wiz Khalifa who people are saying his numbers are incorrect STILL isnt complaining about his units moved. Now whether he is good or not is YOUR OPINION!

I think the “Say Anything” era is over. Rappers want to retire and go to school, get jobs and have new hobbies because this isn’t the get rich endeavor they thought it would be. Reality is everyone cant rap, not everyone is a star and not every story is meant to be told.

What does it take to sell records??? NOT TRYING TO SELL RECORDS! You ever notice how your favorite artist falls off when they are “Trying to make another hit” “duplicate that classic” “write like they are hungry again”??? Check your CD collection or itunes account and see exactly how many GREAT songs you have in your hands…then see how many of them are real hits…Let me know how you feel on this one.

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