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The following post is NOT a generalization of all women..The term always, everyone and ALL can only be used in death as we will all leave the earth one day…so with that said…let’s get started!


I need a man that has his own car, crib and money…but thinks staying with a sister or other relative besides they mom is “independent living”

She a h*e because she slept with all of those guys…but can justify why her number changes because of the people in the conversation or times she was in love.

“Men are so indecisive and don’t know what they want” but feel totally disrespect when they are asked bluntly for a sexual encounter or when you leave them for another woman instead of cheating on them.

I don’t like her, she seem like a real b**ch to me or I don’t get down like she do….but be seen hanging out with that same female picture with facebook tags and twit pics and conversations to confirm it.

I don’t normally do this, I’m not that type of girl…yet forgot the whole mood popped off with “I’ve never met anybody like you before”…..LOL!

So already I know some females read this and said “I’m not like that” or “These aren’t real women” but answer this…What woman is indeed woman enough to admit that either herself or her girlfriends are indeed culprits of ONE of the situations above???

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