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Are Summer’s Eve’s new ads racist? The feminine hygiene product company is promoting their latest campaign, “Hail To The V,” with minute-long clips featuring talking “vagina” hands.

Crazy, right?

Not yet.

The “Black” vagina is an afro-wearing, sassy, “girl!” & “mm-hmmm”-using vagina that’s about to hit the cluuuub. She goes by the name of Lady Wowza and spells wonder with a “u.”

The “Latin” vagina introduces herself with an “Ay-yi-yi” before admitting to wearing a leopard-print thong and rambling off in rapid-fire Spanish, “boo.”

The “white” vagina, however, is a basic, statistic-knowing, educated broad who calls herself your “best friend.”

Please take 3 minutes to enjoy these ads in all their ridiculousness and let us know what you think!

“Lady Wowza”

“Leopard Thong”


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