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After a long hiatus from the rap game, Foxy Brown is back in the studios recording her new untitled track that she has posted on Youtube.  In the new track, Foxy took a shot at ex-rival Lil Kim by taunting the fact that she was on “Dancing with the Stars” and that it was an embarrassment to Brooklyn. 

What ever Foxy, didn’t you just get your hearing back?  What if Lil Kim said you won’t see me wearing a hearing aide or something rude like that? Or you’ll never see me starring in my self-made, self-leaked sex tape. Don’t get me wrong, I like Foxy. I just think the diss was just a hater move and so its not needed, but then again are they ever needed?  Oh well, to each his/her own. 

Kim has yet to respond to the disses. You go girl!!!

We’ll keep you posted on this situation. In the meantime check out the song on You Tube {click here  Foxy Brown disses Lil Kim}

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