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Hip Hop may be dead to some people, but certain new schoolers won’t let it die. Rappers like Soulja Boy, J.Cole and more are taking the reigns from Hip Hop pioneers and keeping it relevant!

BlackWebAmerica’s Tonya Pendleton evaluates which new schoolers will be running the rap world!

Soulja Boy

If you liked Kwame, you’ll like him…

It’s no dis to say that Soulja Boy is a bit like Kwame, the teenaged ’80s rap star who was all about party joints and having fun. Kwame also ushered in a new era of rap with his funky style, and he, like Soulja Boy, released his first record as a 16-year-old. If the Internet and Twitter had been invented when Kwame started out, he would have gone the same route as Soulja Boy, as he was always forward-thinking in his music and fashion. (Yet we hope Kwame would have avoided Soulja Boy’s many technology-fueled beefs.) And Kwame, like Soulja Boy, was known for his love of fine jewelry and his expensive tastes.

Soulja Boy’s made millions off his own talents and spawned a dance craze with his “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” hit while still just a teenager. Soulja Boy is just celebrating his 21st birthday today, and you can join him on Friday night, streaming live from Miami. He’ll also be a featured performer at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion during Labor Day weekend in Orlando, Florida. His 2.9 million Twitterfollowers can’t be wrong, so look for more from Soulja Boy and his pretty boy swag in the future.

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