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It’s about that time. The summer will be gone quicker than we know and ya’ll know we’ll want someone to umm…hibernate decided to help us out fellas. Read below to find out what these females are saying catches their attention (as told by

1.“Just wanted to tell you, you’re beautiful…”

…and then they walk away. Whether the man was fine or not you can’t help but be the tiniest bit intrigued. How refreshing to know that someone noticed your natural glow or the time and effort you spent putting yourself together this morning.

2. “I really like your hair.”

You know how we feel about our hair. We spend countless hours planning, prepping and preparing our hair to look luscious. Unless you’re floating around in a severe funk you have to gush at such a compliment.

3.“Good Morning”

Sometimes… A lot of times the most effective pick ups are simple greetings. A man who takes the time to be cordial without commenting on the size of your breasts or booty is greatly appreciated. You’ll most likely look up in surprise or curiosity and if he has even a semblance of attractiveness you’ll think about him later.

4. “You have a good day.”

Same thing as a good morning. We all can appreciate someone who expresses nothing but well wishes for us, even if in his mind he’s imagining you butt naked in the backseat of his car.

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