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So I had a chance to sit with some of my friends and I asked them “Name Something You Shouldn’t do when you are 30 or older?” and I the light bulb when off with NO HESITATION! What you are about to see is a list that is NOT based on fact but…You do see a very realistic logic behind the answers…So here we go!

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re 30 Plus

1. Get Neck Tattoos

2. Gangbang

3. Join a Car Club

4. Take photos in a junky/dirty room

5. Have Long Phrase middle names on social sites ex. “Tonya “BishIGetsItInSoGetLikeMe” Carter”

6. Driving around blasting loud music with horrible sounds

7. Take pics at the club behind a banner that has more money than you have in your life

8. Wear Fake Jordans..or Fake ANYTHING

9. Wear White Tees and Think you Fly

10. Sagging Pants

11. Shoplifiting

12. Sleep Around with everybody

13. Wear Skinny Jeans

14. Put Parts in your hair or eyebrows

15. Call The Partyline

I had to stop there because this just got TOO HILARIOUS and they really could have went all day with this! Special Thanks to my homey’s J.R. Bang, Sparkle, DJ Big Twon, Comedian Jay Washington, The Homey PTA @MrGullyClique and @BlackNightChi

Its not all about us though…What are some things YOU think shouldn’t be done when you are 30 or older?

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