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Even before insecure singer Alicia Keys married rap producer Swizz Beatz — and had a baby by him — she knew he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Maybe that’s what attracted her to him? The fact that other women wanted her man must have been a strong aphrodisiac? Insecurity, not money issues, is the main reason 80% of black marriages end in divorce.

According to gossip blog, Alicia’s man Swizz Beatz has a secret lover named Chris, a LSLH beauty whom he engages in long, hot chat sessions that his wife probably doesn’t know about.

As I’ve said many times in the past, men are not designed to ignore the advances of a beautiful woman — unless he’s gay. It’s in a man’s nature to cheat. But it is wrong to marry a woman and make a vow to always be faithful when he knows he can’t.

Yes, married men can have female friends. But their wives usually know about them — if the married men are honest.

Anyway, Bossip posted a series of private chat messages between “Chris” and Swizz. She plays her cards very well. She boosts Swizz’s arrogant ego and charms him into sending her plane tickets and such.

For every stupid baller on a social networking site there are gold diggers waiting to take advantage of him. (Apparently Swizz Beatz is stupid).

The ball is now in Alicia’s court. Let’s see what she does with this information or if she blames the chick for chasing her man.

Swizz: Send me a super sexy:)

Swizz: Pic

Swizz: Hello

Chris: Hey. Hold plz

Chris: Houston-20110709-00426.jpg [she sent him the photo above]

Chris: Got it?

Swizz: I need u asap damn

Chris: Make it happen

Swizz: Come now!

Chris: Hahaha ya right

Swizz: 4real

Swizz: Nyc

Chris: gotta work tomorrow and sunday. Off monday and tuesday

Swizz: Ok lets go!

Chris: Lol find me a ticket and I’m there

Swizz: Asap

Chris: [Email address redacted] email when ur done

Swizz: ?

Chris: Find me a ticket!

Swizz: U find all that please

Chris: U treatin me?

Swizz: Duhhhhh

Chris: I knew u were gonna say that. I know u too well

Swizz: Cmon:)

Chris: Hotel too?

Chris: “Duh”

Swizz: Duhhhhh silly!

Chris: Ima send u a link once I find it and u take it from there. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to do this.

Swizz: I will calll

Chris: Lemme know asap so I can find a doggysitter. Thaaaaankssss :*

Chris: What’s the word bruh?

Swizz: Will hit later

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