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Since the VMA’s it seems as though the most hated artist in the entire music industry has been Tyler The Creator…and why? Because he won an award for his music video Yonkers. All you heard was “Who the “CUSS” is Tyler? I don’t think he is a better rapper than Big Sean!” Here is the news flash…IT’S A VMA! You win for the MUSIC VIDEO! Not how many times you heard it in the club or how many weeks its been on Billboard! Let’s analyze both videos.

Big Sean is standing in a jean outfit rapping. Tyler eats a cockroach, throws it up…then Hangs HIMSELF!!! Now…What VIDEO sounds Interesting??? Some of you didn’t even know that and even after he won you STILL didn’t watch the video! So here you go…Yonkers..CLICK ON IT!

Sick I know…but is it not interesting? Can he or can he not Rap???

Next Problem I have…EVERYBODY LOVES FRANK OCEAN and if you really look into it..Tyler the reason why you know him! Frank Ocean is OFWGKTA [Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All] they even have songs together. Check Out “She” Its Erie, Hot and once again a really good video!

Now…For the entire reason I wrote this…Wale, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, and many others have won tremendous fan favor but Tyler is Honestly a better rapper than all three of them! Don’t get me wrong I actually think Big Sean is pretty dope and I really hope he does well..I just don’t think he is a better rapper than Tyler. I’m just going to use content to support my argument.

First Live Performance on Jimmy Fallon

In close, everybody complains how “Rap Is Crap”, “Nobody’s Real” and Albums aren’t selling and “We want the Golden Era Back” yet you diss and disrespect a kid with his group of friends who took it upon themselves to make it happen. Tyler is the only kid to make it into the mainstream light without a stamp from any West Coast Icon in YEARS! No disrespect to Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Bishop Lamont or Nipsey Hussle but Tyler has came over their status in one solid year with less help and promotion. Tyler, Earl, and Frank will be here..not because you love them because their sick twisted talent will be the X Factor until someone tries to hop in their lane or be brave enough to be themselves until they make.

Is this Eminem revisited? Possibly. Is he crude, rude, disgusting and unprofessional? Yes! But it works..cause that’s who he is…and that….is as real as it gets!

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