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Luther Campbell, known for his booty shaking anthems and nasty as you wanna be club bangers has decided to take a stand against, not the failing economy or crime but Weezy F. Baby and Mr. WE THE BEST! himself DJ Khaled. Luke Skywalker went to the Miami New Times to write about how he feels those two and more of hip hop’s Miami part time residents are too busy making it rain on the skrippas at KOD than making it rain in the community:

“I’ve got a message for Lil Wayne, his Cash Money Brothers, DJ Khaled, Puff Daddy and all the rappers from other parts of the country who now live in Miami. I’m tired of seeing these cats using up our beaches, soaking up our sunshine, taking over the nightclubs, and sleeping with our women without investing anything into the community. I want to know when Lil Wayne is going to do more than show up courtside at the American Airlines Arena. Hell, it’s not like he paid for them anyway. You know he got comped.”

Luke ain’t scurred…

“Artists knew better than to come to Miami and disrespect us.But now folks in Miami’s entertainment industry have gone soft, turning into a bunch of groupies just because they want to say they drank Rozay with the Cash Money crew.”

He’s not trying to catch fade, he just wants them to give back…

“I want to see them doing fundraisers to help youth sports and after school programs. I want to see them at FCAT rallies. I want to see them do like Pitbull who works closely with the Kiwanis Club in Little Havana and DJ Irie who puts on a charity weekend for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

And just when you thought he was done, he gives them the eviction notice…

“I’m giving them a deadline. They got until January 1. If I don’t see them giving back to the Magic City, I’m gonna have their Miami cards revoked. They won’t be getting into any more nightclubs. They won’t be able to go near our women. And Lil Wayne is gonna have to find floor seats for New Orleans Hornets home games because he won’t be allowed inside the Triple A.”

DAAAANNNGG!!! I wonder how all this will work out. We shall see.

via Miami New Times

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