I am one of those people who can listen to a song over and over for two weeks straight. Then as soon as the 15th day approaches “I can’t stands no more” and the mere mention of the song nauseates me. These following songs are on their first week of rotation!

J. Cole Ft. Missy Elliott- “Nobody’s Perfect”

Whenever Missy Elliott is on a song, it is to be recognized! She brings pure fresh talent on any track she touches and “Nobody’s Perfect” is no different. Missy’s melodic hook compliments Cole’s lyrics and fused together for a harmonious match!

Wale Ft. Miguel- “Lotus Flower Bomb”

Being an avid fan of Miguel, I love almost everything he does! Wale on the other hand, well…he had to grow on me. Good thing about that is; he did with “Lotus Flower Bomb.” The combination of raw rap, smooth tones and sex-laced verses has it on constant replay.

Rick Ross Ft. Nicki Minaj “You The Boss”

When I first heard “You The Boss” earlier this week I called it a “match-made in heaven,” because to me–it is! I am young, so forgive me if you and I don’t share the same adulation for Nicki Minaj’s manic-like flow. She slowed it down on “You The Boss” though which helped Ross’ always popular “Uh’s” sound so much sexier!

Rick Ross “I Love My B*****s” [NEW MUSIC]

Lil Wayne Ft. Drake- “She Will”

If you follow my posts you know and understand that there are three musicians I can’t do without: Drake, Trey Songz and Chris Brown. Drake who appears twice on my list is currently my favorite artist. He is multifaceted and simply talented. I enjoy his vocals and I respect Wayne’s sexual metaphors!

The Weekend Ft. Drake- “My Zone”

Here’s a throwback for you all! The Weekend which consists of one person is where many say drake got his style from. They are both from Canada and make pure R&B which I can’t resist.

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