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Halloween is only a few weeks away.  I have honestly never gotten into the Halloween Festivities since I was a little girl.  I love to see the kids in costumes but I have researched how Halloween began and it never grabbed me as something to celebrate.  However, this year I am allowing my daughter to dress up and attend the celebration at Easter Star Church.  She picked out her costume out of a magazine and it is mighty cute!  It was a tough process.  She picked out 15 then we narrowed it down to 3…then it went back up to 10 somehow but we finally got a nice costume that is positive and cute.

Yesterday, me and mini-me made our first pumpkin.  I have NEVER made a pumpkin lantern before. (You will be able to tell by the picture!)  I let my daughter draw on the face before we cut it out.  She scooped all the yukky stuff out too. (Somebody had too!)  No need for a “Pumpkin Candle” cause my house smells like pumpkins now!! Afterwards, she asked if it was a girl or boy.  I said “what do you want it to be?”  She replied ” A girl”. So we made it into a girl pumpkin.  Check out the pics! :)