There are literally hundreds maybe even thousands of young men and women who want to be rap stars and be the very first Hip-Hop sensation to come out of Indianapolis. There is a lot of speculation on exactly WHO it will be. As a “New Kid On The Block” I must say I don’t know. I know the artist I have came in contact and some of them I really like and I wish the best for everyone.

About 2 weeks about I get approached by a kid with dreads who said “I seen you before, here take this”…and kept it moving. His name…”FRESH” and he had this full length project called “IPHONE MUSIC”. Now, I don’t have time to break down all 21 of his songs on this album What I will do is let you hear some tracks and let you decide for yourself how bright his future is.

Now I will say NO ARTIST should put out 21 songs in one shot. I don’t even want to hear 21 Jay-Z songs in one album. So keep it to 10-12 and let those rock. You feel those have cooled off…The let 10-12 more rock.

Shout to the little dark hair lady on the album cover…..

IPHONE MUSIC is a BIG BEATS PRODUCTION. Some of the songs include All I Wanna Do, RIP AALIYAH, Who Dat and the title track “IPHONE Music”. To contact FRESH for booking email FRESHJHILL90@YAHOO.COM or hit him up on FB Keith Charismatic Hill or Twitter @KOOLFLYFRESH

So what are your thoughts? Is FRESH going to be the FIRST HIP-HOP STAR to come out of Indianapolis?