Inspire U: The Podcast

WOOOOW!!! We all heard that even before this Basketball Wives LA that Jackie Christie was known for being a looney toon! But this show has definitely confirmed the rumors! One of the craziest things she did was hound her daughter and hire an “expert” to talk to her 18 year old daughter about sex and then when her daughter told her she wasnt having sex but she had kissed a boy, Jackie stared balling!!! A mess! Well, Jackie’s oldest daughter Takari, is airing the family laundry and I feel reallllly sorry for her daughter. Read what her daughter posted on her blog below!

So Finally The First Episode Airs… And Honestly.. I Can’t Believe They Are Trying So Hard… You Guys All Recognized The Voice That Opened The Show Right…?The Scene About My Grandma and Her Cancer..SmH.. I am Not Doubting That She Was Sad About My Grandmas Condition…But I Wonder If Tanya Talking About Cherishing The Memories U Have With The People U Love Hit A nerve For Her… She Knows Like My Grandma And I Know – My Grandma Was Always Being Disrespected and Treated Badly… And The Same Way I compare My Relationship With My Mom Like Being In A Violent Relationship – Although My Mom Was NOT Physically Abusive… She Was Very Mentally and Verbally Abusive – Not Just To Us Kids But My Grandma As Well… She Would Lash Out At Us And Make Us Feel So Low Then Try To Correct It With Other Things..Like An Abusive Husband Beating Your Ass And Then Buying U Flowers Or Gifts..

The blog continues with her daughter dropping more bombs! Read the rest by clicking here!

Here is video of Jackie Christie responding to her daughter’s blog and talking about why people think she is crazy!

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