Blue – Born Living Under Evil

Ivy – Illuminati’s Very Youngest


Blue: Blue Blood – a member of a noble or socially prominent family. A person of noble birth.

Ivy: Ivy League – connotations of academic excellence as well as a certain amount of elitism.

Latin Terms

Blue Ivy spelled backwards is Eulb Yvi. Supposedly, “Eulb Yvi” is Latin for Lucifer’s Daughter. However, there are no sources to support that.

Other Possible Meanings

The name IVY is symbolic of the Roman numeral letters that represent the number 4 which are “I” and “V” put together. IV. Beyonce and Jay-Z favorite number is 4.

Beyonce has avidly spoke about the significance of the number in her life, which she broke down in her DVD, “Beyonce Live at Roseland: Elements of 4.”

Jay-Z was born December 4th. Beyonce was born September 4th. Coincidentally, Blue Ivy was born on the 8th of January. 4+4 = 8. Jay-Z and Beyonce were also married April 4th, to continue with the use of 4. This is starting to sound like a bad math equation. Let me stop.

Of course, Jay-Z has all of his Blueprint albums to support the use of Blue.

What does all of this mean? Probably nothing.

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