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written by @itsthecaptain

So you are on twitter and you are having a great day so you want to talk and engage in some good conversation. Now this is the good idea however there are a few people that you need to look out for. Here are the 7 Signs of Twitter Beef.

1. TCom Thug – This is that egg or unmarked avi that doesnt have a real name or location however they so over the top with they comments. Everybody’s a B**ch, won’t do ish or they are definitely going to kill the person they arguing with the next time they see them in the street. They probably have no friends or self love…so don’t even engage in any conversation with them.

2. Sublime Samuri – You could be talking about your day or a person you really know from you past or about whats going on in front of you right now…BUT THEY THINK ITS ABOUT THEM AND GET MAD! All of a sudden you see subtle shots. You know it to you because you were talking now you BOTH talking about the same topic. Best thing to do is pick up the fall and check they temperature and let them know…Naw, I wasn’t talking about you CLOWN! You got to say clown so they feel foolish for thinking you would result to subliminal tactics.

3. E-Tattlers – E tattlers are the men and women who are a “mutual friend” or acquaintance of 2 people and they want to play telephone. It goes like this

Did you see what Chad said on twitter?

No I didnt

Well check it out, Im not sure cause he didnt say names, but I think he talking about you!

What? why you think its me?

Well….he said something about being in love with girls with shoulder length hair and you said that you cut yours before y’all went out..Idk better ask him to see!

One, who grown does this??? Block both of them from your TL or else its just going to be a lot of He Say She Say problems

4. Sarcastic Sam – You ever see someone who always got a smart comment for EVERY TOPIC!?! They the type to make you mad just cause they dont get enough attention. Got to ignore them cause they mouth can ruin your whole day!

Example “R.I.P Whitney Houston” they reply will be “Aww man..Now who is Bobby Brown going to beat up???” That’s not cool for so many reasons

5. Debbie Depression – Real Men Tweets, What a real woman does, How ALL MEN are this that and the third all come from the same type of female..The single, feeling insecure and wanting an angry mob to hate all men type. One of her friends should tell her complaining about men on twitter is one of the most angering and unattractive things you can do.

6. The Phantom Fighter – Sometimes it be real arguments with real people..but you could never tell because the tweets are in general. If they are direct there is no mention to connect it to. Its not that “@ mentioning” somebody makes you any tougher, but if you are going to go HAM on somebody, let us know who it is so we can all laugh or make fun of both of you!

7. The Celebrity Sniper – No matter what it’s always somebody on twitter taking a shot at a celeb trying to get a little fame or get their attention. The reason why this affects you is because its all this negative energy flooding your timeline and you dont even know them. They are brave enough to put the celeb in the mentions but that’s because they know more than likely they are going to see it and they hope to get a response.

So there you have it…Stay away from these types of people if you want to enjoy your twitter experience!