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Chris Hansen needs to dedicate a show to discovering what exactly Diddy does to his artists once they attempt to leave Bad Boy. Not only do we never see or hear from them again, they go completely crazy, some of his former artists have even completely switched religions. Exhibit A, Look at this dude… This is Shyne right? I’m not seeing ish am I?!?!

Diddy just tweeted this pic of him and Shyne at a Fashion Show in Paris with the caption:

@iamdiddy Me and Shyne Po front row at Kenzo #ParisIsBurning RT to da world!!!!!

SOOOOO is he a black Hasidic Jew now!?!?!?! I.Just.Cant!!!

This is what he looked like when he was on Bad Boy

Remember what he did to Loon…

And G-Dep…SMH he is actually clinically crazy now and even randomly/strangely walked into a police precinct and confessed to a killing a man in 1993…

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