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Peyton Manning may have just lost his job (and a $28 million bonus) but he’s still a pretty generous tipper. The day after Manning was released from the Colts he had dinner at the Angus Barn steakhouse in North Carolina, presumable with some of his former teammates.

After the meal, Manning left a $200 tip on top of the included 18% gratuity.

The waiter was apparently shocked by the huge tip and decided to post the receipt on the internet under the title “Good Guy Peyton Manning.” But Van Eure, the owner of Angus Barn,wasn’t amused.

The Star Reports that Van Eure  immediately fired the waiter when she found out that the receipt was going viral on the internet.

Van Eure said that Angus Barn is very respectful of their patron’s privacy and that “this goes against every policy we have. It’s just horrible.” Eure said that she plans on contacting Peyton Manning to apologize for the breach of privacy.

As for the server, who was identified as Jon, he’ll join Peyton in the unemployment line for the time being.

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