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written by @itsthecaptain

Its been 15 years yet B.I.G’s memory is very much embed in the minds of hip-hop fans and artist. Whether, its Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Lil Kim, Nelly or a new up and coming artist around the way, everybody wants to steal, bite and borrow lyrics from the Notorious B.I.G. So it made me think, what else is sacred? Have all the great lines been taken? I say no..and hopefully this won’t encourage anyone to take what they haven’t earned the right to say. So here are some GREAT BIG lines that rapper’s haven’t stole….yet!

Can you visualize it/before I go to sleep I check the beds and the closets/So I can sleep safe/Not Too many keep a mill in the briefcase/ Infrared’s help me sleep safe…but wait – From My Downfall Feat. DMC

Girlfriend, here’s a pen/call me round 10/ come through, have sex on rugs that Persian/ Come up to your job hit you while your working – From Hypnotized

Back in the days our parents used to take care of us/ look at them now, they even UFFIN scared of us/ Calling the city for help because they cant maintain/ Damn ish done changed! – From Things Done Changed

There’s gonna be a lot slow singing and flower bring if my burglar alarm starts ringing – From Warning

Vamoose your whack to me/ Take them rhymes back to the factory/ I see/ The Gimmicks the whack lyrics the ish is depressing/pathetic, please forget it – From Flava In Ya Ear Remix

My click be unruly/Some old school cats that call gats toolies/call blacks moulies/think its cool to smoke boulies and UFF without rubbers/ specialize in killing wives and grandmothers – From My Downfall

Beef with me is unhealthy/ UFF around get an ulcer/ lose your pulse or collapse lung look how many gats I brung? – From Last Days

Now of course there are plenty more lines but we don’t want the biters to get them all..They can do they own history lesson! So I will just leave it at R.I.P Christopher Wallace The Number 1 Emcee of the 90’s.

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