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I just so happened to log onto Twitter to see what you fools were up to and MAN O MAN did I stumble upon the juicy….GOSSIP!! So, if you’ve been gossip stalking like I do TMZ posted a story yesterday that Pilar Sanders said she found out about her and Deion’s pending divorce via TMZ!!! Well! Deion’s daughter, Pilar’s step-daughter, had enough of what she calls “Pilar’s lies” and unleashed the dragon on that ASS! see for yourself below! smh THIS IS ABOUT TO GET UGLY!!! Where’s my hot Cheeto’s and Faygo at!?!?

Deion get your kids spreading all the family business!!!! LAWD!!

To not be Pilar’s daughter, Diondra and Pilar sure look a LOT alike!! Cute girls!

Diondra Sanders (Deion's daughter)

Pilar Sanders

SMH their wedding day back in 1999

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