Hip-hop i-con Reverend Run speaks about his son’s unexpected diss track directed toward Roc Nation protege J. Cole.

In Rev’s eyes, he is surprised the diss has shocked hip-hop heads.

“J Cole.. Puts out 2 records Dissing family & Diggy & nobody cared.. Some1 leaks a old Diggy record & there’s a problem?,” he tweeted April 1st. (Reverend Run’s Twitter)

Diggy’s new “What You Say To Me” diss landed online, coincidentally, April 1st. The track is believed to be a response toward Cole’s “Grew Up Fast.”

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Cole recently got put on blast by Harlem rapper Charles Hamilton.

I remember when I met you, you was dissin’ Jay/ Sh*t bothered me anyway/It’s not that I didn’t like him, I just heard rumors/ And I heard you was my junior/ Throwin’ up the Roc sign/I assumed that you knew what it meant/Apparently, you didn’t/N*gga you was fishin’, barely was livin’/ And I’m the one who put you in your new position/Just remember, n*gga — Diss me back, I’m waiting on the diss track/I ain’t Drizzy, but I will rip a track and diss you on it/On this, I vomit, sh*t and comment/A grip, palm it, get off of my d*ck…” (“J. Cole Diss”)

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