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Yes. I know. Im late with my review!! Lol The Hot 96 “Think Like A Man” premiere was Wednesday night and it was packed!!! Lots of laughs!!

First let me tell you that I read Steve Harvey’s book, “Think Like A Man” a few years ago. The movie is based off of the book. So, with that being said I felt pretty much the same way about the movie as I did the book. The book gives relationship advice or should i say foresight into what/how men think in different relationships. I read the book in hopes of gaining some greater insight or to finally actually learn rocket science. What I got was a reinforcement of the things I already knew. So, the movie is cute. It’s very funny. That Kevin Hart is dead-on in this movie!!  He actually made the movie. The movie profiles the relationship issues/developments in the characters of Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Terrence J, and Romany Malco from the male perspective. The leading ladies in the film (Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Taraji P. Henson, and Regina Hall are having a tough time finding good men and getting them to commit.  The funny thing is the point of the book and the movie is to teach women how to “think like a man”, but at the end the men end up caving in their beliefs to make it right with their women anyway. So, i’m not too sure if Steve Harvey’s point was to show that ” thinking like a man” actually is pointless or maybe it was just to show us (girls) the trivial dating/relationship mentality of men. Lol.

So I give it a 3 out of 5.Go see it. Make it a cute date night or fun night out with the girls. It’s not life altering or a huge Oscar-Award winning feature, it’s not suppose to be. It serves its purpose, to make us laugh at ourselves!

My advice: Men have a very simplistic thinking. Women, we over-think everything. So, we will never think the same and that is THEE best advice you will ever hear. Let me say it again. Women and men WILL never think alike. We (women) too often assume that men should react and do things that we would do. Ex: So, he really thought I wanted to go to an NBA game on my birthday just because I force myself to watch it with him at home?  Or  He asked me if he could go to the strip club with his friends tonight instead of going with me to the moves. I said “Fine” and He went!!! How did he not know my “fine” really meant you better not go ahead and go.

Rocket Science. Kapeesh?

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