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So today I met with a friend for lunch not knowing this could possibly be my last day living. I was on 65 South headed towards downtown around 1:15 pm.  Traffic was heavy and there was a truck with a flat tire on the inner shoulder of the high way.  The tail end of the car was sticking out into the lane and there was an 18 wheel truck that had just passed and was kind of driving in 2 lanes, therefore blocking the view.  The van in front of me had no idea that the truck was in her lane because the 18 wheeler created a blind spot.  Once the truck past by, it because obvious.  The van swerved into the middle lane to avoid hitting the truck but over corrected and the van turned sideways on the busy highway at around 55 Mph.  I immediatly had to swerve too because I was behind her and wanted to avoid hitting the truck.  Meanwhile  as the van is sliding sideways, it goes into the path of an 18 wheeler.  The 18 wheeler then pushes the car into another car .  I swear I thought that someone was going to be dead.  Though the grace of GOD although the van was severly damaged no one was severely hurt.  Even the van drivers baby was ok.  The lady of the other car needed about 3 stiches but that’s it.

Just to think, if I would have left my home 2 seconds later, I could have been in the path of death.  I hear about this kind of stuff happening all the time, but had no clue that one day it could possibly be me. 

Please don’t take life for granite and thank God everyday for protecting you and your family.


Dj Wrekk 1


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