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Oklahoma City Claims Title of ‘America’s Manliest City’

Fourth Annual COMBOS® ‘America’s Manliest Cities’ Rankings Evaluates Manly City Data Like Occupations, Sports and Lifestyle

Published: Monday, Jun. 11, 2012 – 1:11 pm

 Sorry Miami, but Oklahoma City is more manly than you – and they’ve got the evidence to prove it! Today Mars Chocolate North America released their fourth annual COMBOS® “America’s Manliest Cities” study, which saw Oklahoma City claim the No. 1 position, well ahead of Miami (36th).

COMBOS®, everyone’s favorite cheese-filled pretzels, crackers and tortillas made with real cheese, once again partnered with Bert Sperling, the research expert behind the popular “Best Places to Live” studies, to develop the “America’s Manliest Cities” study.

“The results don’t lie: the manliest place to be is the city they call ‘OKC,'” said Craig Hall, General Manager, Mars Chocolate North America. “From its stellar hoops team to its love of pick-up trucks, Oklahoma City exemplifies the best of being a man.”

The COMBOS® “America’s Manliest Cities” study takes 50 major metropolitan areas and ranks them from manliest to least manly. The study compiles manly city data such as the number of home improvement stores, steak houses and manly occupations per capita. But even if a city has a fair share of manly traits, unmanly or “girly” factors, like a high concentration of nail salons and fancy shopping boutiques can bump cities to the bottom of the list.

Rounding out the Top 5 are No. 2 Columbia, S.C.; No. 3 Memphis, Tenn.; No. 4 Nashville, Tenn. (last year’s “America’s Manliest City”); and No. 5 Birmingham, Ala.  The Golden State dominated the bottom of the rankings (five of the final seven spots), with San Diego earning the dubious distinction of “America’s Least Manly City” for 2012. Proof, perhaps, that the Left Coast needs more manly COMBOS®.

The Manly Methodology The rankings were determined using 50 of the largest metropolitan areas as defined by the United States Census Bureau, which includes a central city and the surrounding county (or counties). Each metro area received a “manliness rating” between 0 and 100 based on how well it performed in each of the study’s manly categories. All data was adjusted by the current population of the cities to arrive at “per capita” figures, providing an accurate comparison between cities of varying sizes.

2012 “America’s Manliest Cities” Rankings

*Change from 2011 rankings follows each city


1. Oklahoma City, OK (up 2 spots) 19. Milwaukee, WI (down 11 spots) 36. Miami, FL (up 8 spots)
2. Columbia, SC (up 3 spots) 20. Kansas City, MO (down 5 spots) 37. Chicago, IL (down 13 spots)
3. Memphis, TN (up 1 spot) 21. Jacksonville, FL (up 12 spots) 38. Las Vegas, NV (No change)
4. Nashville, TN (down 3 spots) 22. Richmond, VA (No change) 39. New York, NY (down 4 spots)
5. Birmingham, AL (up 2 spots) 23. Tampa, FL (up 16 spots) 40.Minneapolis, MN (down 4 spots)
6. Houston, TX (up 3 spots) 24. Providence, RI (up 3 spots) 41. Seattle, WA (No change)
7. St. Louis, MO (up 3 spots) 25. Phoenix, AZ (up 7 spots) 42. Harrisburg, PA (down 2 spots)
8. Toledo, OH (up 4 spots) 26.Salt Lake City, UT (down 7 spots) 43. Washington, DC (down 1 spot)
9. Cleveland, OH (down 3 spots) 27. Columbus, OH (down 9 spots) 44. Sacramento, CA (down 1 spot)
10. Charlotte, NC (down 8 spots) 28. Orlando, FL (up 2 spots) 45. Rochester, NY (up 1 spot)
11. Louisville, KY (up 2 spots) 29. Philadelphia, PA (down 9 spots) 46. Los Angeles, CA (up 4 spots)
12. Cincinnati, OH (up 2 spots) 30. Grand Rapids, MI (down 1 spot) 47. Boston, MA (down 2 spots)
13. Indianapolis, IN (down 2 spots) 31. Detroit, MI (down 6 spots) 48. Oakland, CA (down 1 spot)
14. New Orleans, LA (up 3 spots) 32. Portland, OR (up 5 spots) 49. San Francisco, CA (down 1 spot)
15. Dallas, TX (up 6 spots) 33. Buffalo, NY (up 1 spot) 50. San Diego, CA (down 1 spot)
16. Pittsburgh, PA (No change) 34. Denver, CO (down 3 spots)
17. Atlanta, GA (up 6 spots) 35. Baltimore, MD (down 7 spots)
18. Dayton, OH (up 8 spots)


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