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Industry or not a man is a man and tonight we learned there are two thing you don’t mess with; 1. his kids and 2. his manhood.

Ne-Yo and Bow Wow made sure no one forgot that tonight when they went in on followers with negative comments.

Ne-Yo posted this picture of his children on instagram:

Which promoted one instagrammer to say:

[HATER]  Those kids ugly. Stop lien. One cock eyed

[H] Innocent children get shot everyday I don’t c u defending them [user] …. [user] u think he’s really gonna read your comment. U think he give a rats Ass I think their funny looking???? He should’ve fucked a white chick they’d be effing adorable. Would it be better if they were teenagers

She was definitely WRONG about Ne-Yo reading his comments. He saw what she had to say and went in:

[ @ ] neyoisred [Hater] let me explain something to yo dumb ass. With the amount of money and resource I have it would NOT be hard to find you. Keep comin’ out ya face crazy about my kids….please. [other hater] Same thing. do yourselves a favor and shut the fuck up. You’ll live longer. Shout out to

[ @ ] neyoisred Shouts to everybody who came to their defense on here. It’ll only let me put 5 names but I see all y’all. LOVE Y’ALL!! Haters can talk all the shit they want about me. Fuck wit my kids and you fuckin’ wit yo life PERIOD!!!! Try me gaddamnit…

Can’t blame Ne-Yo for this one, kids are off limits!

Bow Wow’s situation was a little different. Someone tweeted this picture of what appears to be Bow Wow in bed with another man.

Now, this could easily have been photoshopped or it may not even be him but Bow Wow responded with this:

SMH. Bow Wow has the right to be mad but this type of threat is a felony. Not smart Shad!

*Update* – It appears that Bow Wow’s twitter has been  ”hacked”.

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