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Most rappers are known for having a penchant for taking tokes of the marijuana smoke. One upscale New York City eatery is being sued by four former employees because of their relaxed views on weed.

According to legal documents, Philippe Chow‘s Philippe is known as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. They’ve served guests including Rihanna, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. Celebrities love the spot for the cuisine and their private basement dining area. The employees suing the restaurant say the owners of the establishment constantly allow rappers to light up whenever they eat in the basement “which exposed them to smoke from a harmful and illegal substance.”

One employee alleged the owners of Philippe fired him after he made a complaint about not being able to breathe while serving high-end patrons in the basement. He also cited the fact he made a grievance about going home to his wife and child smelling of the herbal medicine. The other employees claim they saw a severe reduction of shifts because they joined a separate lawsuit where they claimed they weren’t being tipped out properly and weren’t being paid for working overtime. All four of the plaintiffs are suing for unspecified damages.

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Though the suit doesn’t blow the whistle on exactly which urban celebrities chose to partake in smoking herb at Philippe, they did note Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj have patronized the hotspot.

Philippe’s lawyer released a statement, “The restaurant adamantly denies any allegations that pot smoking or any other smoking is permitted in the restaurant.”

My question is why are there only rappers named in this smoking weed lawsuit? There are plenty of white mainstream celebrities who enjoy a joint or bong hit as much as any Wiz Khalifa loves rolling a blunt. What do you think about this lawsuit? Is it worth all the aggravation that is court or should the plaintiffs just find another job and move on?



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