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The much-celebrated NBA off season “points of interest” have made an otherwise dreary autumn quite interesting. Creating an increased crackdown on traveling, hand-checking, flopping, churlish behavior sent the way of referees, or the post-introduction spectacles that were ruining the sport of basketball.

The newest in this long list is a so-called “Reggie Miller Rule,” designed to stop one of the go-to moves of a player that played his last game over 89 months ago. From the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn:

Also, officials will emphasize the “Reggie Miller rule” for a shooter who kicks his legs out during jump-shot attempts to create contact and draw fouls. Officials plan to call offensive fouls on shooters who blatantly kick out their legs to initiate contact.

 The problem is that this rule was already in place. It’s what is called an “offensive foul,” and referees have had the go-ahead for years to whistle offensive players that strike a defender after moving into the defender’s designated space.

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