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Stay Angry

Every other day, you’re angry about something. It’s quite possible that all you have to do is have a conversation to resolve the issue but you’ve already become so accustomed to being angry. Even when you two come to an agreement, there’s a bit of resentment that lingers. Nothing good will come of that.

No Sex

This is a major no no. Whether you find yourself too busy or you’re just plain not in the mood, you’re asking for a world of trouble. Sex does not encompass everything.

Lie/Keep Secrets

Lie about everything and anything you can think of. Be sure to hide money and keep an extra cell phone that your partner knows nothing about. You’ll be well on your way to freedom in no time with these activities.


No one likes being told what to do but when you bring that aspect into a relationship, a fight will ensue. If your goal is to maintain your relationship you should refrain from telling your partner who to be friends with, what to wear, or how to spend their hard earned cash. If you feel the need to do that, you don’t want a partner. Chances are that you want a child with puppy-like tendencies.

Jump to Conclusions

Assuming that something has occurred is a far cry from asking whether or not something occurred. If you spend the majority of your relationship jumping to conclusions, there doesn’t seem to be room for communication. If you assume you already know what happened, your partner’s words will seem fabricated. No matter what they say, you’ve already given yourself the “right” answer.

Share Your Business

Everyone needs to vent. However, venting to the wrong people will fan the flames of your relationship. Even if you do manage to get over what’s going on between the two of you, the person you’ve vented to may not be as forgiving. Now, when you two get into another issue, your listener will be helping you throw shade. Together, you and the listener get to reminisce about all the other issues that you complained about in the past. It’s about to be a vicious cycle.


After you’ve engaged in actions 1 through 6, finish your relationship off by sharing yourself physically or emotionally with another person. Nothing says “I’m unhappy” like stepping out on the one you love. You clearly feel like something is missing. However, instead of being considerate enough to let your partner know what’s up, you’d rather enjoy the best of both worlds. After all, human beings are spoiled by nature…right?


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