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Wiz Khalifa sits with the Z1079 squad in Cleveland and talks new baby, baby names and when he is planning his marriage to fiance Amber Rose. He also speaks on IF he will quit smoking when the child is born… watch video interview below.

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Wiz also speaks on the 2050 Tour, new music, Juicy J with Taylor Gang and what Trippy really means…

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From Ratchet To Academy Awards with Juicy J [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

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In The Studio: Wiz Khalifa On 2050 Tour, Confirms The Sex Of his Unborn Child and Talks Baby Names & Smoking [VIDEO]

Wiz Khalifa Confirms The Sex Of his Unborn Child and Talks Baby Names [VIDEO]


Wiz Khalifa On Trippy and #2050 Tour Meaning [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


Wiz On Amber Rose, Baby Boy and Baby Names [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


What Is Trippy & Ratchet To Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J? [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


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